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MPC South

The Modern Pentathlon Club of the South

The Modern Pentathlon Club of the South (MPCS), headquartered in Atlanta, GA is dedicated to promoting the Summer Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon. The sport consists of five different events all combined into a one or two day competition. The sports include the following Olympic competitions:

Sport Event Description
Fencing Epee Fencing Round robin of "one touch (point)" bouts.
Swimming 100 or 200 Meter Freestyle In pool (25 or 50 m) in lanes.
Riding Equestrian Show Jumping Draw for horses; 20 minute warm up over a max. of 5 jumps; 350-450 meter course with 10-12 jumps ranging in height from .9 to 1.2 meters (one triple and a double).
Shooting 10 Meter Air Pistol The shoot is now combined with the run.  Athletes will have 1:10 to hit 5 targets.  There will be three rounds of shooting. See "Running" below.
Running 2 or 3 Kilometer Cross-Country Run Chase start with the leader being the competitor with the highest score total after three events. Time handicap according to competitor's score. Finish place determines overall modern pentathlon finish. The run and shoot are now combined.  Athletes will run to a shooting station, fire to hit 5 targets, run 1K, fire on 5 targets, run 1K, fire on 5 targets, and run 1K.  Runners only have 70 seconds to hit the 5 targets.  If they don't hit the 5 targets in the allotted time, they must start running.  Lapped runners may be eliminated.

About Modern Pentathlon:

We are in the early planning stages for a weekend (one or two days) "Introduction to Modern Pentathlon" camp for youngsters and their parents to be held in the 2009. Please give us your ideas on this via the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page.

Modern Pentathlon Age Groups and Events:

Age Category Swim Ride Run
10 & Younger Youth E 50 meters No Ride 1,000 meters
11 -12 Years Youth D 50 meters No Ride 1,000 meters
13 -14 Years Youth C 100 meters No Ride 1,000 meters
15 – 16 years Youth B 200 meters No Ride 2,000 meters
17 – 18 years Youth A 200 meters Ride not mandatory 3,000 meters
19 – 21 years Juniors 200 meters 12 Jumps (1.1m max. height) 350-450m Course 3,000 meters
22 through 39 Seniors 200 meters 12 Jumps (1.2m max. height) 350-450m Course 3,000 meters
40 and over Masters 100 meters 10 Jumps (.9 - 1.05m max. height) 350-450m Course 2,000 meters

News & Results:

USA Pentathlon is proud to announce the athletes of the 2012 US Olympic Team for Modern Pentathlon to compete in the Games of the XXXth Olympiad in London, England August 11th and 12th 2012. Margaux Isaksen (Fayetteville, Ark.), a 2008 Olympian, returns for her second Games and will be joined by firs-time Olympian Suzanne Stettinius (Parkton, Md.) in the women's competition on Aug. 12. Another first-time Olympian, Dennis Bowsher (Dallas, Texas), will represent the USA in the men's competition on Aug. 11. 


Olympian Margaux Isaksen (L :Epee Fencing; R: 10 meter air pistol) was 16 when she competed in Beijing.  She's older, wiser, and more experienced this time around.

One of the big stories of the 2008 Games for Modern Pentathlon was 39 year old American Sheila Taormina (University of Georgia graduate) who made her fourth Olympic appearance. But this will be an Olympic record third different sport for Taormina. She won a medal in swimming in 1996, participated in triathlon in 2000 and 2004, and now has qualified for Modern Pent in 2008.  Read about Taormina's Olympic performance at NBCOlympics MP Taormina, as she set an Olympic record time in winning the swim (200m freestyle). 

In Beijing, Taormina (L aboard LiangLiang in the 2008 Olympic Modern Pentathlon ride) also tied for first in the ride with a perfect score of 1200 points and turned what started out as a tough day into a good one.  This proves what a tough competitor Taormina is.  To read more about Taormina's Olympic performance click on  the USOC's Taormina Finds Satisfaction in the Struggle article.

Palm Srpings, CA (June 6, 2009) - The MPCS had its first club member compete in the USA Modern Pentathlon Nationals.  Megan Melgaard of the Georgia Chapter represented the MPCS.  She competed in the Senior division and won the swim with a time of 2:15.75 good for 1,172 MP points.  Melgaard did not compete in the ride.  This was also a NORCECA (N. America and Caribbean) competition.  If the riding scores were dropped, Melgaard finished fourth out of 10 Americans in the US division and 10th out of 21 in the NORCECA division.  Not bad for only having taken up the sport a month ago! Click on USA Nationals for pictures.


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MPCS CONTACT: Executive Director - George Sanderlin; email: Executive Director@MPCSouth.com  Click here for a profile of the Executive Director 

CALENDAR OF COMPETITIONS (check link for more details):       

Date Event Venue Time Click Link For Details
8/11-8/12/2012 Olympic Games (Centennial Olympic Modern Pentathlon) London, England 08:45 Olympic Mod Pent


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Training Links:  

Shooting: North Georgia International Shooting Club , Georgia Competitive Shooters

Fencing: Fencing Star Academy;   Dunwoody Fencing Club

Swimming: Total Immersion

Riding: Cooper Sandy Farm

Running:Atlanta Track Club

If you or your child are interested in learning more about trying the exciting first true multi-sport of the Olympic Games, please send us an email.  We will contact you and conduct a free evaluation.  As a result, this could include an in-depth introduction to the sport, and potentially a preliminary training plan.   Click here to see how the Modern Pentathlon made an Olympic dream come true for 16 year old Margaux Isaksen.

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2009 USA & NORCECA Nationals, Women's Senior Division, Palm Springs, CA

2007 Canadian Modern Pentathlon Championships - Calgary, Alberta (Click on links in table below)

Women (August 4, 2007) Men (August 4, 2007)
Shooting, Fencing, and Swimming Equestrian - Walking the Course, The Draw for Horses, and Warm Up
Equestrian - Walking the Course, and The Draw for Horses Equestrian - Stadium Show Jumping
Equestrian - Stadium Show Jumping 3K Cross Country Run
3K Cross Country Run  

USA Shooting Nationals (June 2007)

USA Shooting Nationals (June 2006)

USAF (Fencing Nationals - July 2006)

Canada Modern Pentathlon Championships (July 2006)


October 2007 GeezerJock issue's "Opening Buzzer" column featuring MPCS member Sanderlin's experience in the Canadian MP Championships.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution article (8-15-07) on 2007 Canadian Modern Pentathlon (Masters) Championships featuring MPCS member.

Masters Set Marks at World Modern Pentathlon Championships - September 22, 2006To see the online article from Swimming World magazine click here.  

Picture in USA Shooting magazine of MPCS member at Canada Nationals for Modern Pentathlon.

An article on MPCS Executive Director George Sanderlin appeared in the January 2006 edition of the Atlanta Sports and Fitness magazine.  Click here to download the pdf article. 


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